The Man In The Corner

A new thriller from Hayden Gribble

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An unnamed assassin wants out of his life as a cold and ruthless killer but must face one last assignment before he flicks the escape switch. As he closes in on the biggest criminal mind in the country, he is reminded of what he left behind and how getting closer to the light at the end of the tunnel might also reunite him with a person from his long and distant past.

Who is the Big Chief? Why must he be brought down and will it be the end, not just for himself and his superior, but also to the only link to the life he has lost?


"Whilst focusing on the dark story of an unnamed man, you find yourself sucked into a city of criminals." *****

"Definitely a book worth reading, I was hooked after the first couple of chapters." ****

"A great little read about the path to redemption; not too long, in fact in some places I found myself wishing it might go on a little longer." ***

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About The Author

Hayden Gribble is a Cambridge-based author and writer. After qualifying with an NCTJ degree in News Journalism and Sport Journalism, he spent time on local weeklies the Haverhill Echo and the Bury Free Press. In 2010, his first published work came in the form of an article for the Doctor Who Appreciation Society magazine, Celestial Toyroom. Since then he has written for B-Side Music Magazine, Doctor Who Online and following a six-month stint as a newswriter for, now freelances as a Live Text Commentator for Perform Group, covering anything from Premier League to World Cup Qualifying matches.

The Man in the Corner is his first book and was published through Amazon in 2013. He is currently working on a book about the popular BBC sitcom Dad's Army, which is due for publication through Classic TV Press this year.

He has also collaborated with friend Tom Ranson in creating, writing and performing the comedy podcast, Nothing In Particular.

BBC News interviews Hayden about Matt Smith's Departure from Doctor Who in 2013 and the speculation on who the 12th Doctor might be.

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